MMED Board

Medical Magnet Enhancement Directors (MMED) Board is the Medical Magnet student government and leadership group at John F. Kennedy High School. There are 4 different committees that benefit from each other: Student Life, Public Relations, Fundraising, and Media. The goal of this organization is to plan events for the students in the Medial Magnet and seek out opportunities for students to engage with the medical field. Within MMED Board we discuss ways to encourage student participation in activities and ways that we can improve the experience of students in the JFK Medical Magnet. MMED Board members are effective communicators, critical thinkers, team players, and responsible individuals. Through MMED Board, we like to empower students around campus to achieve their education goals.

If you are interested in joining the MMED Board for the 2021-2022 school year,
please click here to fill out the application.
Applications are due on March 26th for continuing Medical Magnet students and April 16th for incoming freshmen.

Instagram: @jfkmmedboard