Guest Speakers

Each month, MMED Board sponsors a virtual event where guest speakers lead explorations into various healthcare occupations and contemporary health and wellness issues.

Guest Speaker┇National Society of Black Engineers
April 30, 2021

         Friday, on the 30th of April, NSBE, the National Society of Black Engineers, hosted a presentation for John F. Kennedy students in order to inform students more about their organization, and hopefully encourage more students to pursue engineering. NSBE is one of the largest student-governed organizations based in the United States, with more than 500 chapters and nearly 22,000 active members in the U.S. and abroad. The CSUN NSBE chapter provides assistance and support to foster a space for academic growth and retention for students on the CSUN campus and members of the Los Angeles community. They focus on training students on important aspects of career development by hosting different workshops like resume building and interview tips on campus for students in the STEM field. The workshops tend to be hosted by previous CSUN NSBE members who work in the industry. There is also a focus on building a legacy of future engineers by connecting and engaging with K-12 students. So far, NSBE has succeeded in creating a global network of Black Engineers, scientists and technologists. The organization has accomplished more for black engineering students than any other organization in the world, and the CSUN chapter is currently carrying on with that legacy.

Guest Speaker┇Pediatric Respiratory Therapist

April 12, 2021

         Monday, on the 19th of April, Cierra Griffin came to us today to talk about her career as a pediatric respiratory therapist. Including her college path, day in a life, and recommendations to all anticipating to enter the medical field. She discusses the pros and cons of working as a pediatric worker and talks to the audience about what it means to be in the medical field.

        The medical field is not something to take lightly, that is with the stresses and losses, workers often experience when going through their 12-hour shift. This hard work emphasizes the need to have a positive and enduring personality, and a great passion to save lives. She spoke to the audience about her day in her life while working with and under the doctors and nurses, which include handover reports and memorable cases. Walking into your first may hit as hard as a truck, which is why that students stay strong and persistent and remember, everything is a learning experience.

Guest SpeakerNational Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
April 12, 2021

         Monday, on the 12th of April, Rachel Steinman and Jaqueline from the NAMI association invited us to a presentation regarding American mental health and illnesses as well as their own experiences in their work and mental life. Their ultimate goal is to prevent negative stigma and trauma as well as “End the Silence”. They encourage peers to speak out on their mental issues and realize they are not alone in this world.

         NAMI discussed the definition of being mentally healthy and ways to deal with mental health. Mental Health conditions are like any condition and can change the way someone thinks and thankfully, can be treated. However, many are left untreated due to stigma. NAMI encourages people to recognize the warning signs and fight through the stigma and address the illness with someone, even more, be the one to recognize and help those with mental illness. Thank you, NAMI for your presentation and for bringing greater attention to mental illness and how relevant it is in society.

Guest SpeakerMental Health
March 25, 2021

         On Thursday, March 25, America Paredes of Mental Health America, was invited to our school to discuss the nature of mental health conditions. She emphasizes the importance of early awareness and prevention. In addition, she identifies common symptoms and stages of mental health conditions. She discusses methods to identify signs of what is happening and tells students in a validated way when to get help and talk to someone.

         Their primary and ultimate goal is to give integrated service, care, and support for people on their way to recovery. Mental Health America pushes for mental care in the community and they host many educational campaigns via social media, podcasts, and awareness months, to help bridge the gaps of mental health. There were 170 attendees at this virtual event.

Guest SpeakerOncology Nursing
March 12, 2021

         On Friday, March 12, Lisa Polo, a nurse with ER and COVID-19 experience, discussed with the audience regarding the facts and myths of nursing, such as race and gender diversity and common experiences, in addition to a general description of nursing and whether if nursing is for you. She also provides great advice to students who intend to become a nurse like costs and required courses.

         Liza Polo discusses a few of her experiences and what a shift generally looks like. She describes her experience as a very fast-paced and team-dependent environment and science-reliant field. She mentions that nurses must have great communication skills and a great understanding of scientific fields as well as be able to fulfill the criteria that the California Board of Registered Nursing sets (background checks, NCLEX exams, and continuing education). Last of all, a nurse takes pride in what they do and is always ready to be there for someone in need. There were 193 attendees at this virtual event.

Guest SpeakerDigital Wellbeing & Human Behaviors
March 5, 2021

         On Friday, March 5, Dr. Tyler Shores, a Senior Research Associate and Ph.D. researcher at the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge, came to give a lecture regarding human behaviors on the internet, including common habits and ways that humans read. He also suggests a few courses of action to break those negatives habits and increase attention span when completing a task. There were 168 attendees at this virtual event.

         Dr. Shores suggests a couple of applications and techniques to help push your brain toward active learning and eliminate distraction learning. He recommends using timers, graphs, and social group learning to pressure your brain (in a good way) and reward your brain when you work on a task. Dr. Shores also goes over ways the brain reads on the internet versus print, where the brain tends to skim read on-screens and “scaffold” on the print text. However, in the end, there are still more to be researched about human behaviors.

Guest SpeakerBiopharmaceutical Industry
February 20, 2021

         On Friday, February 20, 2021, Mr. Eric Kircher, who works at the Amgen Pivotal Attribute Science division, provided great insight into the biopharmaceutical industry and what one can expect while working in the field. Kircher also gave the audience great advice on how to build your career in pharmaceuticals.

         Throughout his career, he explained the great hardships of troubleshooting and how each new drug can take years (about 10+ years) to get certified by the FDA. Each drug goes through countless synthetic and biological testing, and for each change, new impurities and side effects branch of the previous revision. For this reason, it is easy to fall into a pitfall due to impatience and frustration, however, the endproduct is always rewarding. In addition, he also provides essential advice if one plans to enter pharmaceuticals. Mr. Kircher advises the audience to take part in a research lab, in order to gain experience and skills like HLPC. In addition, learn to be able to utilize mentorship resources and professor office hours, he especially recommends using LinkedIn to look for experienced professionals in your desired field.

Guest SpeakerPharmacologist
February 5, 2021

         On Friday, February 5, 2021, Dr. Tayo Ikotun, a pharmacologist and professor at UCLA, joined us to share advice on how to successfully pass medical courses and described the many different aspects of pharmacology, as well as distinguish the differences of a pharmacologist, pharmacist, and pharmacy tech.

         Tayo Ikotun describes the duty a pharmacologist performs, to understand how a drug spreads and works around the body. She explained to the students about pharmacokinetics (movement of drugs in the body) and pharmacodynamics (effects of drugs in the body). In addition, Tayo provided much advice on how to succeed in any course. Some tips include, asking for help, getting a study group, and going beyond memorization. Students are also notified of the major differences between real-life work and classes. She recommends to the students to take internships and to take them earlier in your high school career, in order to accepted for experience.

Guest SpeakerER and Nurse Anesthetist.
December 9, 2020

         On Wednesday December 9, Nicholas or Nick Diasselliss, a nurse anesthetist who worked in the ER, shared his experiences and shared some very valuable information for students regarding their college and future medical career. As we asked our countless questions, he went over some of the best and worst experiences in his career and the many different branches of nursing there are.

         Nick provided advice to the student of what college is like and the what medical field you could possibly work best in. Often emphasized in the guest speaker, when pursuing the Medical Field, you need to have a strong emotional state and have great passion for what you do to change people’s lives and know that not only will you gain a lot from it, you will also experience and some of the strongest emotions you’ll ever feel. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” -Steve Jobs. 

Guest SpeakerNational Kidney Foundation, NKF
December 4, 2020

         On Friday, December 4, Franco Reyna, the project manager of NKF, provided us with a meticulously designed slideshow informing us about importance of kidneys and what they do, the severity and impacts of kidney disease, how to care for your kidneys, and what YOU can do about this problem. Students who attended gained a greater understanding of how important kidneys are for the blood to the bones and how chronic kidney disease occurs.

         As an attendee, we learned of the different stages of chronic kidney disease and the consequences of non-early treatment. NKF informed us of kidney failure and the kidney’s function to clean and regulate the blood concentration as well as dispose of wastes. We were brought to attention the different risk factors as well as ways to further preserve and protect your kidneys and how to detect kidney disease. NKF has inspired students to take action against chronic kidney disease and spread the information and prevent kidney failure.

Guest Speaker┇Pediatric Dermatologist
November 6, 2020

         On Friday, November 6, Nicole Harter attended as a guest speaker in the medical magnet. Who addressed her career in dermatology as well as discuss many different aspects of dermatology. Students who attended got to learn her story of how she got interested in the medical field and reminded students to continue exploring the large and diverse medical field until they find something they are passionate about.

       As an attendee, we learned of how daily life in the career can be and how she diagnoses and prescribes medicine for her patients. In addition, received great advice on how you can take on the medical field and find your eventual passion, and even how to care for your skin. Overall, it was a great time listening to Nicole’s experiences in dermatology and she gifted the many students there with valuable information that they can use in their future path.