Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a community service club helping impoverished kids around the world born with cleft lip! Not only are our goals set to help and advocate for these struggling kids, but we also want to create a safe place in our community where we can all collaborate to reach a common goal. So far our club has reached 60+ members who are actively trying to provide for lives around the world. We have made over 150 friendship bracelets and cards. We have temporarily made it our mission to also gift our frontline workers trying so hard to make lives during Covid easier. We have made around 200 cards for frontline workers like doctors, cashiers, essential workers and more. 

President: Roxan Sheikhbahaei
VP: Brielle Fredeluces
Secretary: Ashfiah Chowdhury
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Alyza Morales and Priscilla Matthew

Instagram: @jfkoperationsmileclub