Here in the Medical Magnet, our goal is to provide as many opportunities to help students to learn and explore the medical field. And once our students leave to embrace their dream, they will obtain many useful skills and information regarding the medical fields and have a future planned for themselves.

Explore some of these listed careers.

Physicians and Surgeons
Physicians and surgeons are responsible for treating and diagnosing patients. In a regular day, they will evaluate patient histories, review test results, designing treatment plans, and answer patient questions. Physicians and surgeons are very compassionate and have great communication skills with a high attention to detail.
Minimum requirements:
➣Bachelor’s degree
➣Four-year medical school degree
➣3-7 years in internship or residency programs

Dentists are responsible for diagnosing and treating problems with the teeth, gums, and mouth. The usual tasks they will do are advising patients on effective, preventive care, repairing damaged teeth, and examining x-rays while diagnosing problems. Dentists must be detailed oriented, skillful, and have great problem-solving skills.
Minimum requirements:
➣Bachelor’s degree
➣DDS or DMD degree from a dental school accredited by CODA
➣State licensure

Pharmacists help prescribe medications and advise patients of their proper use. Some of their tasks are verifying physician instructions, advising patients of proper use of medicine, overseeing the work of pharmacy technicians, and providing vaccinations. Pharmacists have good communication, managerial, and technology skills.
Minimum requirements:
➣2-4 Undergraduate degree
➣Doctor of Pharmacy degree
➣2 Examinations
➣Sometimes, internal medicine residency

Podiatrists help diagnose and treat irregularities in the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Typical tasks of a podiatrist are diagnosing issues with physical exams and x-rays, performing foot and ankle surgery, and advising patients of foot care. People in this field are very compassionate and are very detail-oriented.
Minimum requirements:
➣3 years of undergraduate education
➣Apply to an accredited podiatric medical college and receive a degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
➣3 years of residency with medical and surgery experience
➣Podiatry License

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)
Advanced practice registered nurses or APRNs include nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners, who provide primary and specialty healthcare services. APRNs are responsible for doing physical exams, diagnostic tests, creating patient care plans, and counseling patients. Many people in this field have a keen sense of communication and have great critical thinking and leadership skills.
Minimum requirements:
➣Registered nursing license
➣A master’s degree in their specialty role
➣National certification
Some Nurses will pursue a Ph.D. state licensure and or a doctor of nursing practice
Requirements depend on which role you want to take on.

Optometrists treat and diagnose issues relating to the eye or other eye or other vision-related issues. They will often do visual tests and prescribe eyeglasses and visual aids. They sometimes do minor surgical procedures on the eye. The people in this field are excellent decision-makers and interpersonal skills which makes them great at evaluating data and presenting them to patients.
Minimum requirements:
➣Bachelor’s in pre-med or bio fields
➣At least 3 years of postsecondary education, before pursuing a doctorate.
➣Successful completion of National Board of Examiners in Optometry.
➣Completing residency

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